Vision-Box’s Mobile ID - a decisive step forward towards making today’s travel experience safe, seamless and contactless

    There’s an undisputed truth about today’s travel ecosystem – health-conscious travellers ...
    IATA’s Outlook for Air Transport and the Airline Industry

    Border Bottlenecks: How to Streamline Traveller Flow

    Seamless Identification Technology
    Seamless Identification Technology

    Learn how Seamless Identification Technology can help prevent the transmission of pathogens at Airports.


    Unlocking the Power of Digital Identity

    Mobility and air travel sits at the very core of our socio-economic fabric. Travel & ...
    Touchless Technology at Airports

    Touchless Technology & Seamless Travel Experiences in the COVID Era

    As the global impact of COVID-19 continues to mount pressure on public services, ...
    Entry-Exit System

    EES Success Factors: Learning From Failure

    As the February 2022 deadline for the implementation of the EU’s Entry/Exit System (EES) ...
    Schengen Zone & Entry/Exit System

    History of the Schengen Zone & the Implementation of Entry/Exit System

    History of the Schengen Zone As technology continues to present exciting opportunities to ...

    Advancing the Seamless Journey

    A Dynamic Forum for the Connected Traveler by Miguel Leitmann, Vision-Box CEO Welcome! We ...
    Securing Borders with Smart Technology_Banner

    Securing Borders with Smart Technology

    A “Smart” system invariably means that its less cumbersome to the individual user. In the ...
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