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by Miguel Leitmann, Vision-Box CEO

VB Post Creating a World of Seamless Experiences

Welcome! We believe that digital identity is a turning point in the way people are identifying themselves and will be the new reality. This, however, must be done in an ethical manner using best practices that assures the safety and security of all citizens. This blog will be a forum for a dynamic exchange of ideas on Seamless Travel and Digital Identity industry news, success stories, and lessons learned from failures. In bringing a full digital identity travel experience to reality, we want to explore how this technology is making a real impact on the identification security of individuals in their everyday lives.

The premium benefits of Seamless technology are based on its traveler-centric ability to offer an unprecedented and innovative touchless identification and contactless clearance. This unique ecosystem offers unrivaled benefits in individual identification, travel document authentication and information security to ensure that travelers complete the screening and clearance process faster and more relaxed.

At Vision-Box, we are enabling a non-stop passage throughout the entire journey by removing the need for the individuals to show travel documents or interact with agents and touchpoints unless deemed necessary. By providing a frictionless-less flow operation through all clearance points, Seamless Travel eases congestion at airports, allows for an effective optimization of its infrastructure, and offers a contemporary and modern travel environment.

Of course, during these unprecedented times, we must also consider the reality of how the travel environment is changing. Society is challenged by an unprecedented global pandemic and we are proud of being part of industry-leading companies delivering tangible benefits back to all global citizens. Digital identification technology is being recognized as a main pillar of a strong proactive and preventative approach to limiting the spread of pathogens. By limiting physical contact between humans and interactions with machines in times of an outbreak, Seamless Identification technology delivers a solution that contains the spread of viruses. Touchless and contactless technology also provides a steady model of business continuity for airports in challenging conditions that require physical distancing.

Seamless Travel, however, is not a solution offering only enhanced benefits for travelers. It also offers governments, travel and tourism stakeholders reliable and secure real time traveler information and flow progress. This results in a higher level of trust in identity assurance and its associated overall security posture. Seamless Travel also offers economic benefits on cost optimization and growth of revenue. By leveraging digital identity into an all-around identification and authentication process, the travel journey is now an individualized experience where access to services and purchases can be done through an encrypted, secure and verifiable biometric identification process.

According to the latest ACI research on the impact of satisfied travelers on non-aeronautical revenue, a study concluded that a 1% increase in traveler satisfaction generates an additional 1.5% increase in revenue.  

As with all digital identity solutions, privacy and personal data protections are fundamental rights that must always be safeguarded. At Vision-Box, our systems are engineered using Privacy by Design™ (PbD), a unique data protection certification that embeds the most stringent data security protocols and hardening techniques into our platforms. This ensures the strictest privacy standards as system default and follows European Union GDPR and ICAO regulations for complete compliance with the most rigorous privacy and security requirements throughout travel ecosystems.

Vision-Box Seamless Travel experiences already implemented at major hubs and tourist destinations such as Dubai, Bangalore and the award-winning Happy Flow™ in Aruba are driving a fundamental change in the travel industry business model.

A digital identity connecting the individual to vertical travel ecosystem is the key to expanding the capability and capacity of traveler clearance, flow efficiency, identity security, and journey control. The traveler’s digital identity used to secure and shape an efficient travel experience that streamlines the journey between travel hub, car rental center, and hotel under the hospices of a holistic orchestration platform is the enabling factor for facilitation, enhanced business models between stakeholders and higher security for an effective risk-based identity management.

If you have a suggestion or question about this blog, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope that this forum will be enlightening and a significant addition to a discussion on Seamless Travel.

Best wishes,

Miguel Leitmann

Publish date: July 2020

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Miguel Leitmann

Miguel Leitmann

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