Meeting The Challenges of Smart Borders Implementation at Europe’s Land Borders

    In June 2021, Vision-Box launched its Frontex pilot - an innovative Entry/Exit ...

    Harmonising Your Operations & Digital Identity Management With Orchestra

    Vision-Box OrchestraTM is a digital identity management platform for connecting multiple ...
    Seamless Identification Technology
    Seamless Identification Technology

    Learn how Seamless Identification Technology can help prevent the transmission of pathogens at Airports.

    Vision-Box’s Mobile ID - a decisive step forward towards making today’s travel experience safe, seamless and contactless

    There’s an undisputed truth about today’s travel ecosystem – health-conscious travellers ...
    IATA’s Outlook for Air Transport and the Airline Industry

    Border Bottlenecks: How to Streamline Traveller Flow


    Unlocking the Power of Digital Identity

    Mobility and air travel sit at the very core of our socio-economic fabric. Travel & ...
    Touchless Technology at Airports

    Touchless Technology & Seamless Travel Experiences in the COVID Era

    As the global impact of COVID-19 continues to mount pressure on public services, ...
    Entry-Exit System

    EES Success Factors: Learning From Failure

    As the February 2022 deadline for the implementation of the EU’s Entry/Exit System ...
    Schengen Zone & Entry/Exit System

    History of the Schengen Zone & the Implementation of Entry/Exit System

    History of the Schengen Zone As technology continues to present exciting opportunities to ...
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