Seamless Travel Is the New Normal

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Contactless clearance and touchless biometrics have been assigned 1st Class seats in the post COVID-19 travel environment. Travelers that have experienced seamless travel-based technology can easily attest to the fact that facial recognition throughout the clearance journey makes the process easier and faster. Amidst an unprecedented global pandemic, airports, airlines and government agencies are looking at seamless technology to support health guidelines and measures to keep travelers safe and prevent pathogens from spreading through global travel.

With passenger volumes certain to return to record breaking levels once travel returns to normal, transforming the traveler journey using digital identity will be essential to create and maintain a consistent, end-to-end experience that improves security, efficiency, capability and capacity throughout the system.

Already, leading airports are working on their digital transformation strategies by focusing on achieving a comfortable, unfettered ecosystem with no obstacles and without the need of physical travel documents. This transformation into a digital airport model is making face recognition the standard identification token of the modern passenger experience.


On the Move and Contactless

The manual clearance process where travelers line up to prove who they are by showing travel documents is coming to an end.

It’s being replaced by a digital identity system that begins at check-in and automatically verifies the traveler’s identity and

clearance eligibility across their journey. Seamless travel is made possible by establishing automated face biometry as a unique identifier for all stages of the clearance process. By gathering and verifying traveler data only once, as early as possible, human-centric touchpoints provide quick, on the move transactions, authenticating facial features as individuals progress through their journey. This is all done without the need to present documents to officials or stop at any clearance point.

The introduction of a digital framework allows for the evolution of interaction models that promote a personalized, responsive communication between travelers and their environment. Seamless Airports are open, evolving and inviting ecosystems that reward the people using them.


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Orchestrating a Seamless Traveler Journey

An overarching digital orchestration platform enables the complete traveler lifestyle transformation spanning the entire journey.

It is a feasible and cost-effective way to advance operational capability and capacity within a green program by optimizing existing physical space and capitalizing on legacy infrastructure. Orchestration is the crucial bridge that connect the conventional airport system silos already in place.

As the brain of traveler operations, an Orchestration platform manages workflows, business processes and informational streams, while converging all shared services. It integrates automation with manual assets for an optimized traveler flow. These elements include common-use self-service kiosks, baggage-drop stations, on-the-move biometric gates and totems into a fully connected network.

Real-time data orchestration  gives stakeholders immediate situational awareness and insightful measurements related to efficiency of operations and security levels. Data sharing, however, does not happen at the expense of data privacy. A platform’s embedded information management framework should prioritize the privacy of personal data and allows for its use in a value-generation way by giving the information’s owner complete control over whether to share data.

This balance between the use and the protection of data is established by design. A privacy protected digital identity framework is enabled by an opt-in/out choice, according to permissions defined by the individual It is then channeled across stakeholders according to privacy rules, to allow for real-time clearance at different instances of the journey, unlocking personalized services.


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Aruba  International: An innovation launchpad connected to the world

Aruba changed the aviation industry when it launched Happy Flow™ in 2015. It was the first 100% biometric on the ground journey anywhere. In addition to featuring the first ever OneID biometric journey, Aruba is spanning a major expansion investment under the Gateway 2030 program which will be the theater of new joint innovation sprints. It will deliver the next-gen US CBP Pre-clearance framework, fully utilizing on-the-move contactless technology and supported by a cross-border enabled collaborative system, allowing for a 100% frictionless experience for U.S. returning travelers.

Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore: paperless travel in a Digital India

Having handled over 25 million passengers in 2017, Bangalore Airport is one of the focal aviation hubs in Asia and shows the second largest passenger number growth rate in the world. To handle the capacity growth, the airport deployed the first end-to-end face recognition-based clearance experience in Asia that will be the largest in the world . It provides a paperless biometric journey from registration to boarding.


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Publish date: July 2020

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