Harmonising Your Operations & Digital Identity Management With Vision-Box's Seamless Journey Platform

Vision-Box's Seamless Journey Platform is a digital identity management platform for connecting multiple stakeholders around the traveller journey. It enhances security, customer experience, and operational efficiency.

Airlines, airports, and border control authorities must routinely process information regarding their operations, and the movement of travellers. Integration and interaction of data handling and processes between stakeholders contribute to making this movement smoother and more efficient.

The Seamless Journey Platform supports stakeholders as a hub of multi-source data streams, and as an orchestration platform for various workflows. Information generated by these operations can in turn provide insights for data-driven decision making.


The Seamless Journey Advantage

Vision-Box's Seamless Journey Platform provides cross-cutting advantages to all stakeholders involved in traveller flow management.
For travellers, the platform provides convenience and safety, through a unique seamless experience based on a biometric single token.

For airports, the platform enables increased throughput at each checkpoint. This provides operational efficiency and opportunities to optimise revenue, as travellers are able to spend less time on formalities and more on exploring the merchandise, refreshments, and other commodities that the airport has to offer. 

As for airlines, the improved process efficiency facilitated through the platform allows for cost optimisation and maximisation of the customer experience. 

With the Seamless Journey Platform, border forces can enjoy multi-stakeholder collaboration based on real-time intelligence. This extends end-to-end, across the traveller journey.


Vision-Box Seamless Journey Platform Components

The Seamless Journey Platform is a harmonious blend of many parts. These components range from server back-end software to client front end applications. The various modules mediate all interactions between service enablers and their clients (devices, applications, or other service enablers). Stable and industry-standard interfaces allow the integration of multiple devices.



Vision-Box Seamless Journey Platform includes components for: 


While prioritising data security and privacy, the platforms biometrics increases efficiency, and improves the traveller experience. The platform enables the centralised management of traveller identity, allowing the use of a biometric single token across the different touch points of the traveller journey. 



The Seamless Journey Platform enables interoperability and efficient communication between multiple travel stakeholders. Its rich collaborative platform provides real-time intelligence and end-to-end traveller-centric ecosystems management. By orchestrating all virtual and physical security elements and bridging the information flow between biometric, biographic points, and multi-source data streams, the platform enables informed decision-making for all stakeholders.



Seamless Journey Platform optimization tools provide superior performance, information, and cost efficiency for all stakeholders.


Maestro: System Administration

Maestro is the platform’s system administration component. It is used by Vision-Box Professional Services to configure the Seamless Journey Platform to the various user requirements (workflows, business rules, etc.).


Performance Monitoring & Reporting

The Performance Monitoring component of the Seamless Journey Platform is designed (and configured) for customer management needs. The module generates comprehensive business performance reports. Platform users can also export performance data to their own Business Intelligence tools.


System Health Monitoring

The System Health Monitoring component of the platform provides alerts and detailed information on the health status of the various traveller interaction touch points, and for Seamless Journey Platform services. Vision-Box Operate also uses Health Monitoring to provide Support and Maintenance. The platform user’s IT Operations can use the module directly, or by integrating Health Monitoring data into their own Systems Monitoring tools.


Process Monitoring

Inspector is the Seamless Journey Platform‘s operation monitoring component. It clearly displays all relevant information, and provides easy to read alerts, with the possibility for immediate action on exceptions. This allows users to oversee traveller processing in real-time.


Data Privacy & Security Considerations

Privacy-by-Design-PECB-01The Seamless Journey Platform has been Privacy-by-Design certified since May 2018, by the Privacy by Design Centre for Excellence at Ryerson University (CA), the world’s leading authority in Data Privacy. It’s a user-centric platform in which privacy is the default setting embedded into the system design.

The Seamless Journey Platform also follows high security standards. It provides security access control via authentication/authorisation, data encryption both at rest and in transit, and network security through firewalls. The platform maintains an audit trail of all system operations.

Data security management is assured with AES 256 encryption, and communication is based on Transport Layer Security (TLS).


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Use Cases

So, what does all this orchestration of data capture, process monitoring, and information transfer look like on the ground? The Seamless Journey Platform is built on a flexible architecture. This enables it to support a multitude of configurations and adapt to the requirements of each user. Its user interface is customisable, with customer branding and localisation of all the messages.  

Complementing the end-to-end solution, and for an improved touchless experience, we’ve developed a contactless system that can be used at our enrolment devices. The process is simple: a QR code will be shown at the screen of the touchpoint, once read it will enable the mobile phone to be used as a trackpad to access the enrolment touchpoint. The interaction is fully touchless, and the user only needs to touch its personal device to enrol.

This enables the Seamless Journey Platform to prove its worth in several real-world use cases. They include:


Seamless Experiences for The Connected Traveller

In Vision-Box’s modern vision of the airport, the traveller journey is automated through contactless biometric identification systems. A single biometric identity token serves the traveller across all checkpoints, all the way to boarding. The platform enables an on-the-move face scan that unlocks passage at every stage, including the airline’s lounge, and other traveller experience points. Our seamless offer is complemented with our Mobile ID SDK solution, a mobile-centric digital identity framework. It allows for seamless experiences throughout airport journeys and it optimises time spent in bureaucratic processes and other necessary protocols.

Multi-source data stream orchestration permeates the airport management process. And for operatives and system administrators, data-informed collaborative decisions are made at the distance of a click. The Inspector and Maestro components of the Seamless Journey Platform are vital to these processes.


Security Access, Immigration & Customs

Travellers arriving at security and immigration checkpoints will have been previously vetted at check-in. This enables a seamless, contactless process whereby the traveller simply needs to look at a smart camera, in order to be cleared and allowed passage.

The Seamless Journey Platform's Inspector, Maestro, and Security components facilitate seamless security, in combination with the authentication of travel documents, and a reliable match between live biometric data and the information contained in the traveller’s e-document. The result is a considerable increase in throughput, eliminating bottlenecks and enhancing capacity.


Seamless Boarding

The Seamless Journey Platform's Inspector and Maestro are also key contributors to a seamless boarding process which assures the highest security level integration with departure control systems, flight lists, and API/PNR records. This helps guarantee that only eligible travellers can board the aircraft.

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Publish date: August 2021

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