Border Bottlenecks: How to Streamline the Flow of Travellers

    Discover how Border Controls can embrace Smart Borders to streamline traveller flows ...

    Digital Identity: Boosting seamless experience in 2023

    Seamless Identification Technology
    Seamless Identification Technology

    Learn how Seamless Identification Technology can help prevent the transmission of pathogens at Airports.

    Deployment, Control, and Evolution of Biometric Services

    Deployment, Control, and Evolution of Biometric Services

    Passenger Terminal Expo 2022 - Market Insights

    In the wake of the travel industry, tradeshows and events are also restarting and giving ...

    What’s the passenger’s profile nowadays?

    Facial Recognition

    Facial Recognition – a real improvement for the whole travel ecosystem

    By using facial recognition, digital identity management, and data analytics on ...
    Data Privacy Vision-Box

    Data Privacy in the travel industry world

    The importance of UX/UI in the travel ecosystem

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